Mangalorean Cuisine

Spicy fish delicacies like kane fry (ladyfish), rice-based preparations and a wide variety of fruits are perennial favourites on the Mangalorean menu. Epicures believe that fresh coconut, chillies and the Mangalorean mind together create culinary magic. Mangaloreans love rice in all forms - red grain rice, sannas (idli fluffed with toddy or yeast), pancakes, rice rottis, kori rotti (a dry, crisp, almost wafer-thin rice rotti which is served with chicken curry as a delicacy), and neer dosa. Patrode, a special dish prepared by steaming stuffed colocasia leaves, is a delicacy not to be missed. Akki rotti, or rice rotti, is a favourite not only in Mangalore but also in Malnad and Kodagu.

Popular Dishes and Recipes

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1. Coconut Appam------------------------------11. Kori Sukka
2. Neeru Dose----------------------------------12. Kidyo
3. Kori Rotti------------------------------------13. Green Plantain Sukka
4. Mangalorean Chicken Curry

5. Fish ambot theek curry
6. Marwai Sukka
7. Goli Baje
8. Kottige
9. Mangalooru Fish Curry
10. Pork Sorpotel

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